Helping your VR experiences get shared by Alias and Mudbox founders


Hey guys. We at SpinVR really believe that VR and AR is the coolest thing since 3d came about way back when we started on old SGI machines.
This stuff is going to allow artists like us to allow our viewers to
really experience our creations at full scale rather than crappy 2d
images on screens. Look I have been at Apple and at Weta worked on some big
2d stuff that I loved. But VR & AR It’s a game changer. 2D Does
not do 3D work any justice at all. VR lets your viewer reach out and interact
at scale with your scene, your story, your designs.

But… VR creation has been tricky business for artists. Unity and Unreal are great but you need to code to get something interactive and then
you need to get on to a store to pass your stuff around. Fine… We
created Briovr to help Artists, Educators, Designers whip-up their interactive
scenes and get into VR, share and present all of that
without needing to code. Sort of Powerpoint-ish for VR but with the full
support of all your 3d objects, video, audio, animation and all the PBR
goodies, lightmaps etc that we all expect nowadays. We think Brio is pretty
cool but most of all we love making tools for creators like everyone

Please come on by our new site and make something amazing! Share it! AR is in the works and we welcome your feedback as always.
briovr website
Go creators go! VR is our time to blow peoples minds.


Looks like a lots of fun,thanks.