Hi all, the Week 1 Webinar replay is now up here too - We apologize - it is missing the first 15 min. Technical difficulties! Thanks for your patience.

And here is the link to register for the Week 2 Webinar (Sun Nov 18 @ 7p PST) - we changed hosts to ensure better quality, so please register once again -

Thank you!!!


Hi, I sent a msg to a couple people who obviously are involved in the running of the site or this course (Such as sniper) but haven’t heard anything back.



Darkmatter what is your question or message?


cfunaro has been helping me out.



Is there a link to the 4th weeks videos and webinar for the sponsored environmental design course that just finished up?



Hi Greg, here’s the link to the 4th week lecture & webinar:



I received an email that there was a webinar tonight, was that because it was not turned off as a repeated seminar, or is David going to do one last critique/feedback on final submissions?

Thank you!


Sorry about that! We had saved the date in case we needed it, but then neglected to remove it when we didn’t. Thank you for checking in! We hope you enjoyed the course. :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I’ve been searching my email for the list of winners for this course, but I dont think it was sent to me.

Could the email possible be resent to those who didnt get it?



Hey David, I’m sorry I missed this. That’s very odd! I’m fairly certain your email was included on the mailing list for the winners email sent on 12/10. The winners were also featured in our newsletter sent on 12/13. I hope that’s helpful. If you would like me to forward the email to you directly, please send me a DM. Thank you!