I was wondering the same question, but in the Rules and Details of the course it is written that:

“This course will explore the fundamentals of environment design using Corel Painter. David will be covering topics such as research and reference gathering, sketching, design, composition, lighting, blocking, color, texture, and how Corel Painter allows all these different elements to work together in a full scene, through Painter use cases, workflow, and how it can be used to design excellent environments.”

I suppose it is necessary to use the Corel Painter.


No confirmation email is needed. Once registration is up the forum will be locked so as long as your in your good to go.

It is not mandatory to use Corel. Some of the features will be unique to the app but the lessons will focus on fundamental skill which can be applied to any application. Think of it as design skills more than an intro to software.


Thanks for the clarification. Lecture videos refer to Corel Painter, but you don’t have to use it.


Yep! :slight_smile:
Me too, thanks for the clarification!


Sorry, can not register, help!
REM: i dont have to access first lecture - my login is still gray - not blue - does this mean that I have not registered?


thanks! (i am too stupid) , some answers there:


Hello! :slight_smile:
Sorry if this has already been answered!
In which time-zone does the video go live on November the 5th?
It is 9:30am 5th Nov where I am at the moment, so I was just curious so I can plan to dedicate time towards this around work. :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Hi, already registered in the other thread, but i was wondering if i use Photoshop i will not be able to participate in the contest, right? I need to show my WIP´s inside Painter?


Maybe I should post here.
I am getting, Access denied message to Lecture 1 Video.
May I have your help , please.
Thank you


hi, im trying to access to the first video, and it tell me this :frowning:


@Dragana Jagoridovski @fernando-mora

Don’t worry, you can’t acces the video because the video is still not posted, I think in a few hours will be posted. Remember the lectures begin today :slight_smile:


@Tenshi_, it’s allowed to use Photoshop, Travis answered this question a few posts above: Help
Happy Painting!


If you get a " sorry you dont have permission notification post your registration date and if you used fb to log in also let us know if you have less than 3 posts on the forum.

If you are a new registered user you must have registered at least 3 days ago and have 3 posts to be validated


Hi I am getting that issue, I have 3 posts and registered on the 1st or second of November


Aha… It works Thank you :slight_smile:


If any of you are on please check now and let us know if you have access



it works fro me. thanks!


Thank you for your speedy answer! I was a little downtrodden to find my computer cant run the trial run of Painter, but I have an older version of Photoshop! Cant wait to get into this course!




I’m trying to use the Corel Painter 2019. Originally it started from issues of slow brush strokes, then I tried to adjust the preference setting to adjust the processing power. But now I’m stuck in the loop of not responding in the software. I tried to both repair, and tried to unistall & reinstalled the software but it is stuck in not responding. I’m currently using Windows 10.