[help] zremesher replaces tool


I have a very strange issue with zremesher and have not found anythimg about this on the web so i m reaching out to you in hope of resolving this.

Whenever i use zremesher on any tool i end up with a other tool. I used to do some zremesh testing on that particular tool so i wonder if there is some cache for the zremesher and it does not get the current tool but always uses whats already in the cache and therefore the model gets replaced all the time:/

I did a clean installation of zbrush about a week ago so its a mistery yo me why a tool would be zremeshed into a tool that is not even loaded in the project.
I hope you can tell me how i can get zremesher back to working again.


in case anyone encounters the same issue, i got this resolved. the reason was a configuration in the windows defender settings called “controlled folder access” which apparently limits the write rights to some documents folders that zbrush needs to access to do the zremeshing. so if you have this issue and this option enabled this is most likely the issue for it.


Thats so strange. I geuss its a windows issue? Or is it a zbrush issue. Or both…
Sometimss when i mirror a subtool, it would give me a different object. I wonder if its a similar situation.
Well im glad you figured it out


sounds like it could have been a similar issue with some write permission restrictions