Help: Zbrush to Mubox = bloated models


Hey all,

I am trying to import a model from Zbrush to Mudbox. Whenever I use a displacement map from Zbrush on a model in Mudbox I get a bloated model. I have tried the following:

  1. import the low rez from Zbrush into Mudbox and subdivide to the same poly count. Apply the Zbrush displacement.

  2. import both the low rez and high rez into Mudbox and create the displacement in Mudbox.

Both methods give me a bloated mesh. The second method yields less bloated results, but still not very good. I have attached an example.

****Please note I have watched the videos on the Area on this and I still get the same bloated results. Also, I have tried the import layer method and my mesh explodes.


are you baking a 32bit dispmap in mud…?


32 bit or 16 bit, the result is always bloated. I know in May its the alpha gain and alpha offset settings, not sure what to do in Mudbox.

Whats really annoying, is that I watch Wayne’s video on converting Zbrsuh models and everything works fine. So it must be a setting.

Any help on this would be awesome.



is your high and your low model at the same size and ligning up correctly…?
may i see some screenshots…? bake settings, models, uvs…


I got it sorted.

I tried importing both the high and low rez and creating the disp map in Mudbox, and used a 16 bit and it worked. The 16 bit out of Zbrush did not work.

Thanks for getting back to me. Will no doubt have more questions in the future.



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