Help with wrapping pattern around a cylinder


Hello all, im trying to re-create this axe weapon and need help with the handle, can anyone give a step by step to how I can achieve this? Thanks, Quizma…


Looks like you could do a linear deformer like bend. BUT, your individual squares will probably need a few more spans to deform around the handle enough.

Add the bend deformer to the items you want to wrap around the handle. You’ll see it come in vertically. Before you move the bend curvature attribute rotate it to 90s degrees parallel to the grid of squares. Then you can use the curvature amount and watch the little guys bend around the handle. You will probably need that one row you have duplicated at least once, maybe twice.

Then you’ll have to scale it up or down to fit based on how much clearance you have once both ends of the bend come together to make a full 360 degree circle.


Use a displacement map (texture) instead. Quick, easy fix with no additional geometry to mess with.


Oh sure, make it super easy… :wink: