Help with walk cycle


Hey guy, I have an animation to do and it’s nearly finished. I have done everything except the characters walk movements. This is what I am finding the most difficult.

I was just going to do a looping movie clip for it with each frame in the clip copied and edited. However, I can’t get it to look any good at all, it’s hideous.

Could someone help me out with this? There is a pic below of the characters. They are to be walking towards the camera (from far) holding hands.


/me slips and bumps the thread :shrug:

i have one week to do it…


hi !!!

i am thinking that what U want is very difficult.Its possible with flash to make a charatcer animation if its very simple design such as :

because the model is very simple.

I see only two solutions “clean”.

the first one, is to make the character under a 3D software and then animate, render with vecta3D, swift 3, or other third party software.

the second, I know that there is a soft that allows you to setup Bones onto 2D characters in flash.don’t remember yet the name of this software (MOHO 3 or something like that)but i 'm searching about the name and i’ll update

I know that U cant do the walk cycle frame by frame, but i 'm not sure, that the result will be great

PS: So sorry about my english :thumbsdow


thanks for your help. I already had a look at those solutions.

What I’ve managed to do is sort of a work around the walking by zooming in on the characters so you can only see from waist up. Then I move the camera and them back to give the illusion of movement.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


so we only see chests ???

can’t really understand your problem.

if its only a movement of camera, its only a clip that grow up !?
and it will give an illusion of movement …

in this clip you can add the movement of “up” and “down” ,“right” and “left” and then control the trajectorie of character in the sub-level …

Don’t konw if what i said help ? but i try :slight_smile:



I made it so you could only see waist up because I couldn’t make them walk (which is why i posted this thread). So I only decided to show them from waist up AFTER posting this thread. I realised it’s much easier than trying to make them walk.

do you understand me now?


yeah after watching what “waist” mean in a dictionnary i understand :rolleyes:


Flash uses “shape hints” to create more complex tweening. Say you have two different shapes on separate key frames that are shape tweened. The hints allow you to describe the control points for the tween on each key frame.

First, you would add the hints to the first key frame. Corresponding hints are automatically added to the second frame. Then, you’d move the hints in the second key frame to define the ending control points. Flash will then tween using the hints as an overall guide to the shape’s geometry.

Check out shape hints in the built in Help files or the manual. It may give you better control. As an example of complex shape tweening, you can check out a short (but incomplete) animation about how birds fly. The bird flaps use a lot of shape tweens.

Rudy D. (a.k.a. BurntPengwenn)

= )


thanks BurntPengwenn. I know what shape hints are.

It doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve finished the work.

thanks anyway :beer:


can we see what u have done ?


If you gonna make a walk cycle I think it would be best to use “Plasma”, since it has bones avaliable. Thus more control over the animation.


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