Help with vray rendering


Hi, im having a issue that i vant seem to work out im using c4d r19 and using vray to render it. I got a render that came out fine but when i turn on rt engine and change it to cuda kernel my material turns black ive no idea why other than the parts that have turned black use images as texture please help also any tips on how to get a more realistic render pretty new to vray

Rt engine on:


Are you using the VRay bitmap shader? I believe that with Vray RT, you need to use 100% Vray shaders and cannot use native C4D (although I may be incorrect). By default when you add a bitmap to a material, C4D will use the native bitmap shader, so you might need to change it to the Vray Bitmap or Vray AdvBitmap.



Thankyou very much ill check and update you if it works but i have switched over to octane anyway as i couldn’t dnt find the solution annnnnnnywheeeeereeee


Did you try searching/posting in the official VrayforC4D support forums? This general question is asked quite regularly.


No i searched on google would of thought it would. Of appeared there but its fixed i had to set it as a vray bitmap as pointed out. Thanks