Help with UV mapping


This is my first full body UV map task…

I’m following the UV Texturing with a Focus on Game Models in newtek’s site, but when I make more than 1 UV projection… :scream: It doesn’t work… The polys between 1 projection and the other get stretched from one to another… :cry:


You need to unweld while you’re positioning the UV map.

First setup your surfaces so you can easily select them in the UV map using the “select by surface” option.

Deselect everything and unweld points, so everything is unwelded. Create the UV map(s) and finish positioning everything. Then do a merge points to weld everything back together.


I have never UV’ed a thing in my life until the other week. A friend pointed me to:

and after figuring out exactly what you do, I think this is prolly the best way to uvmap anything.



Thanks FB_Turbine and VRLJC!, that link rocks!

Monday morning task: Unweld, modify, UV, morph, save transformed! :thumbsup:


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