Help with trimmed NURBS surfaces


[left]Hello, [/left]

[left]For a specific project involving the placement of large crowds, I have created a somewhat functional placement tool for Maya, but it is not yet complete. Currently, it can place a specified number of polygonal objects (which we call “agents”) along a NURBS surface (such as a plane) or curve. The biggest problem with the tool is the inability to place along polygonal surfaces or along trimmed NURBS surfaces (created by curves with the planar tool). [/left]

[left]I need to be able to place agents within trimmed NURBS surfaces (or, alternatively, how to place along polygonal surfaces).[/left]

[left]What currently happens with a trimmed NURBS surfaces is that my tool will place the agents outside the visible boundary formed by the curve. The reason I’m pretty sure lies with the fact that the planar tool, when used with a closed curve, creates a trimmed NURBS surface out of a plane, but the data for the actual rectangular NURBS plane remains (but is invisible). [/left]

[left]Essentially, I have no idea how to get the placed agent objects to stay within the visible bounds of the planared shape. Any ideas? [/left]

[left]Thanks in advance for any help you can give![/left]



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