Help with text


Is there away in Photoshop to make paragraphs around images. I know it can be done in illustrator with the pen tool.
An example of what I am trying to do:

I can not
figure this
out to save
mylife. If you could help it would be great.
Thank you for looking at this.

I want to be able to do the above text without using the enter key to start a new line. Any help please? Tanks


Try out the paragraph pallet, it should be in the character pallete. Otherwises import it into Indesign and do it there, ID is the tool for text. :slight_smile:


Go to the paths palette. Select “Make new path…”

With the pen tool (or the ellipse, rectangle, etc tools) you can draw a path along the border of the area you want the text to fit to. If you used the pen tool, make sure you closed the path, so there are no gaps.

have the path selected (meaning it’s visible). Select the type tool. If you click inside the shape or path, the text you type wil align to the border of the shape. If you click on the path itself, the text will flow along the path. If you click outside the path/shape, the text tool behaves the standard way.

You can even edit the path/shape after you have typed in text.


Just click away from the path in the path palette, to hide it.


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