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Hey everybody. I’m new to Lightwave and these forums. At work, I have to pick up someone else’s project and fix a few text things in an object. Basically the object is a big cube, and there are DVD menus on all of the walls. The object is layered so that might affect what I’m trying to do. What I’ve done in Modeler is found a menu that needs to be changed, zoomed in on it, and then selected the text tool. Because of the nature of the cube, some menus require me to change the perspective in my viewport to bottom, top, etc. When I start typing with the text tool, the text is always facing the wrong way (unless the wall it is on is front or something like that.) I can rotate the polygons clock and counter-clock, but not its ‘swivel.’ Also, the extrude tool is always greyed out with this text I’m creating. I hope I’ve been descriptive enough, but if not, let me know, cause I have to get this stuff done soon and then give it a couple days to render (2045 frames). Thanks in advance for replies!


Is the box object aligned with the grid? Try working in ne of the orthogonal viewports, and make sure you drop the text tool before trying to extrude.


How do you align the cube to the grid? Even if one side of the cube was aligned, what about the other sides? I tried dropping the text tool, but the problem is that I need to only extrude my selected text, and LW considers the selection a tool. So when I drop the current tool to allow the extrude button, it deselects my text. This whole cube has lots of layers, so I dont know how that figures in. I’m sorry I can’t use more specific terms–I just dont know them yet.

btw:LW 7.5, just FYI


ok I’ve managed to sort out the first two problems after some more trial and error, but now my problem is assigning my new text a surface. When I create the text, it’s like it’s not adding it to the layer I have selected, and when I change the surfaces, everything but my new text changes. Is there an ‘Add to Layer’ command? Thanks.


You really should read the manual, at least the basic section.


I have, several times in fact, and it’s apparently not too great.


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