Help with some grass and manipulation


Hello, I have a model of some grass which I want to distribute and spread to cover a whole surface.

I have tried this already in a number of ways.

Using object paint and scatter, I think scatter is my best option.

I have had success with scattering on a plane with significant segments where I was able to scatter the model of grass according to each of the vertex (this gave me adequate coverage). However, the shape/boundary I need to constrain the grass to to not have segments which I can apply the scatter too. This left me with the random scatter rule which isn’t sufficient and eventually.

Can I somehow either apply segments to the editable poly? Or if someone better educated on this matter could give me some guidance I would be extremely greatful.

Thanks in advance




IMO, Scatter is the worst option to create large amounts of foliage. Can be used though, but just won’t be efficient after a certain number of polygons is reached. Forest Pro is a good option with several optimizations. You can even use the free version if you’ll only be filling FLAT surfaces with grass.

If Scatter is the only option, then you can increase the number of segments by either, by using the Quadrify Mesh modifier or Garment Maker modifier.

Former works on meshes and creates quadrilateral faces. The latter on the other hand, creates triangular faces but specifically work on splines.

You can also use the Connect command after converting your model into a Polygon mesh. (Edit Poly Modifier) Connect command in Edge sub-object mode creates a determined number of parallel segments across two or more selected edges.

Note that the Relax Modifier will also help equalize the surface area of polygon regions.

Good Luck.


Some basic particle flow can also give you quite nice results!


Start looking at MCG for simple instancing over other objects as well : – think there are ways to instance over a surface within the examples…if not here then google some MCG examples.


You could also use the hair modifier and it might be more efficient.


If your going to be doing alot of Foliage work you may want to look into Forrest Pack Pro. Their scattering tool is amazing! If you can’t afford it definitely try and use the PFLOW method. I have tried Object painter for grass, but I never get the results I needed.