Help with recreating two animations


I am in the need to create two animations but I just can’t get them right. I have found two great examples which can both be found with the links below, some details below about each to follow.

The first one:
‘Longitudinal Wave’. I’ve tried playing around with a Helix to get the effect but it’s just not looking how it should. Nothing I’ve tried looks right; any help would be greatly apricated.

The second one:
‘Sound waves in air’. I’ve tried using a cloner to create all the particles and then a plain effecter to make the movement but it’s all too static and linear. It also only moved one section at a time and it’s all filled equally rather than having the more ‘gappy’ sections. As with the other one, nothing I’ve tried looks right and any help would be greatly apricated.

Thank you everyone!


Have you tried using a formula effector ?
This makes great water ripples that may serve your needs.