Help with FumeFX and Vray


Hey all, I’m new here… Nice forum by the way! :smiley:
So yeah to the point, How would I go about making Fume FX work (at all) with Vray.

First of all, I’m doing a video project, and I remember a while back I did a quick test with fume and Vray, However I don’t even remember how that went…

Anyway, I tried to make a small explosion in my scene, when I realised… It doesnt render… at all.

The ‘explosion’ comes out completely black and is really blocky (like when you preview the simulation) it’s just silly now.

My scene specifications

the Scale is not too big, the FumeFX box is W: 10000 x L: 10000 x H: 7000 with 100cm spacing
(around the size of the spaceship, and no the ship itself isnt blowing up, just a small explosion in the front) so it can’t be scale.

It all works perfectly with Smoke, just fire comes out pitch black and blocky

I am using a VrayPhysicalCam… Vray Sun and the Vray Renderer (obviously)

any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks, Cephei



Fume will only receive shadows from lights that have ‘atmospheric shadows’ ticked on. So your going to need a direct, or spot with shadow map, vray shadows, AB shadows ect. And atmospheric shadows needs to be ticked and the light added to the illumination tab in fumew. Fume wont play nice with vray sun.

In the fume rendering tab, smoke needs to be told to cast shadows and receive shadows. And in here are Vray GI spinners. If you turn GI on in vray and have fire, the fire will produce light as you would expect.

Can you post an image of what your render looks like wiht black fire?


that huge black splotch on the front is meant to be fire.... I know because smoke amount was set to 0

Can anybody help?

By the way, I tried what you said, and I didn’t see much of a difference, I even tried with a seperate file with just a sphere and basic fumefx… Vrayphysicalcamera makes the colours go black… it shouldn’t… but even without the vrayphsyicalcam the fire looks hoooooorrrrible. flat colour and all of that, even so, thank you for your comment! it did help with the shadows, I didn’t know that before, but I just need to get the Fire looking like… well fire, first.


Try turning off Exposure in the vray physical cam.


Fume is not bright enough to be visible in a physically correct setting guys. Just comp it over. The mental ray fume shader, on the other hand, plays well with physically based lighting.


Hey! The fire is no longer black!
buuuuuuuut this is what it looks liks now


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