Help with fan made T4 film....


Well, I haven’t done computer animation before (though I have done plenty of Godzilla related claymation (^_^) ) but I had this idea for a T4 script, and I thought it might be really fun to do a full length CG Terminator 4 film. I understand this is a huge project, but models wouldn’t have to be to detailed, just enough to get the point across (similar to those in the Sims) and the script I have is very interesting, if your a terminator fan. I totally understand if this is too much of a project for someone to undetake, but I really hope to get this going, my goal is to have a composer gets some good original and remixed music for the film, and when its finished, mabye send it to Arnold himself to get his voice in as the Terminator character:thumbsup: If any one is interested, I would be very glad to hear from them, my AIm is Cpcst, and E-mail is, thanks for your time,



I think you need to start out small and build up, jumping in at the point of creating a full length CG Animation would probably be a bit too much.

If your intrested in the artistic side I would get some experience in 3D modelling and animation with a nice inexpensive package or demo at least to get an insight into the process and problems involved.

If 3D animation is not your thing and you prefer production and directing I would say that you need to have a very good story, a detailed screenplay and a storyboard all neatly packaged up in a tidy illustrated proposal to get people intrested. You also need a detailed plan on managing any team you can put together.

Most importantly start small perhaps something like a southpark parody of the Terminator 2 chase in the storm drains and you can build up from there.


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