Help with drawing/shapes/masks, etc?


Hi all.

I am fairly new to photoshop and as of now have only used it for painting or photo editing and very basic stuff. My question is basic for most of you as well, but I am wanting to know how to make basic shapes with Photoshop 7.

I have made basics like squares and circles and filled them and all that, but how do I make something like the logo that I have attached?

Reading the manual I see shapes, paths, and masks and am confused as to what the differences are and in a lot of cases they seem to be used to accomplish the same thing?. I do not have good visual examples. I have searched the net and not found anything really beneficial.

I was wondering if somebody could post some screen shots and explain the steps how to accomplish the drawing of the attached logo? Particularly the square/circle logo portion. Perhaps different people could post to show their different way of accomplishing it?

I think it could be good to have a simple logo (like this) and have people show their different ways of accomplishing this, as I am sure there are many.

Thank you.


Hi nessjp,

For that kind of work I would recomend something like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Macromedia Freehand since they are the right tool for the job, but you can use the Path tool in PS to do that, look for “Path Tool” in the Adobe Photoshop help file.

I hope that helps,
See ya!


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