Help with Display Settings



I am just starting to use Softimage and have somehow enable some display options I wish to revert to default:

  1. polygon points have spheres attached to them, I want those not to be there

  2. I want to remove what I assume is the render area of the camera (the dark grey parts on the sides)

Please help!

  1. It looks like you’ve accidentally pressed B to activate the Bounding Box manipulator. Just press B again, or Esc, or activate any other tool (e.g. spacebar for Select).

  2. Choose File > Preferences, then click on Scene Colors. On the Geometry Views tab, set the Film Gate Alpha to 0. Alternatively, you can work in a User view instead of the Camera view, but be aware that the Camera view is what will get rendered.


Thank you so much.

Weird, I was selecting other tools and pressing spacebar but the spheres didn’t go away at first, but when I tried after reading your reply it worked lol.

Thanks again.


On the film gate issue, you may prefer to work in a “User” view. This view has no film gate.

  1. Click on “Camera” in perspective viewport.
  2. Select “User” view from list.

Then switch back to “Camera” view when you are ready for rendering.

Hope this helps,


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