Help with character design



Im writing the design document for a new singelplayer adventure game/mod.

The mod will have the cute and simple graphics like Zelda: the wind waker. The story and gamedesign will be emotional so no need for a cool biker chic or something like that.

I need some help to get a picture drawn or a render of the main person. Here is some info:

The main characters name is Malin (working title for the mod aswell)

About 12 years old

Long blonde hair (i was thinking all the way to her knees) and blue eyes

The picture that is in my head is kinda lika a animepicture. You know like big eyes and stuff like that.

Remember to make it simple and cute.

I hope that someone is up for this challenge and give me a helping hand.

Some contact info:

ICQ: 113788984

You can also reply in this post

Cheers all! :slight_smile:


this little girl was a doodle in my diary done a while ago. By no means is she anime, but she has big eyes and is around the age your looking for. Assuming Malin is a girl?

if she’s near what your after. give me some more info and i could do up a new drawing… as long as im credited in the game of course!

might even give her some feet


Nice girl but that is not what i had in mind, sorry.

I met a other artist that im working with right now, so hopefully i can show you a drawing of her later.

Thanks for your reply!


I don’t know what visual style you’re after exactly. I’m not really familiar with the zelda series, but here is a shot at it anyway.


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