Help with a table cover in 3DS max!


I am trying to render a realistic looking table cover for a folding rectangular table (72"w x 29"h x 30"d).

Something that mimics a real table cover like this: Table Cover Photo

I tried a loft and came up with this: Attempt1

I tried the Cloth modifier along with garment maker and got a lumpy mess: Attempt2
I tried playing with the cloth properties for hours and this is the best result I got.

Any tips or ideas on better ways to go about doing this, would be greatly appreciated!


Did you try increasing your cloth plane segments? From your image I can tell it could use some more.


Davius, did you mean the Density of the Garmet maker modifier? I bumped it up to 1.2. That seemed to have helped. Between that suggestion and reading/watching a bunch of tutorials, here is what I have so far: attempt 3

Any suggestions on how to improve upon this further? The realism isn’t quite up to what I want.

Thanks again.


You can also try just a simple plane with a ton of segments for your cloth object, as opposed to using the garment maker. You will probably get a little smoother result that way. Give it a shot.

Worst case scenario, if it still looks lumpy, you can throw a turbosmooth on it and get a decent looking result at render time.


Please post your scene file.


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