Help w/ a codec?


Hmmm… I have the 5.1.1 DivX codec installed but I can’t get these animations to play: <---- been looking for those animations for a while now, found them, but can’t play them… sigh

anyhow, I’ve tried ATI File Player as well as Windows Media Player. I am reluctant to install the DivX player because I don’t like having too many diff apps doing the same thing. Ideas?


for me it works fine with divx 5.1.1 + media player 9

does it say you don’t have the codec or do you have just a black screen?


If you have ANY video or media files, and you’re not sure what codecs it requires, and what codecs you have installed that can playback the given format, use GSpot to determine all that!

It’s an invaluable tool if you have video from a lot of different sources, or have trouble playing something and you don’t know why!


how strange… it just keeps saying “File cannot be played because of unknown error.” I get those sometimes and install a codec to correct it but this won’t go. sigh … such cool movies too. :hmm:


there is a programm called video lan client, it plays really everything.


oooh, i see the problem now. This morning I took another look @ it and discovered that the files I downloaded were partial downloads and corrupted. Redownloaded everything and it worked out perfect… maaan, those anims are soooo funny!!! :beer:


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