Help: vray (and xmesh?) splotches in render


Hi guys,
the trouble of the day is: splotches on animated (baked) geometry in a prepass mode render.


  • if I render in prepass mode (blending GI solutions per frame) artifacts appear on the mesh and a high setting is needed for an attenuation of them;
  • if I render in single frame mode I obtain fine results.

My questions:
-Now, my baked walking character is an xmesh geometry, can its trimesh be a problem for vray (for smoothing surely :slight_smile: )?
-Why single frame mode is cleaner then prepass mode?


Try setting some interpolation mode in xmesh loader.
If vray samples across time that may help.


tnx for reply,
Tried all loading mode types…trouble persists :frowning:
Other advice?
I continue to try other solutions


Sorry, I haven’t got an XMesh license anymore or I would try and help. :frowning:

I would post to Thinkbox. :wink:


Hey Johnny,
I have only the free loader and the baked sequences…here.
Trying on mesher copies and other stuff, problems add to problems…single frame renders fly like a charm (fortunately).
Chaos and ThinkB are the next step if the problem isn’t my workflow :slight_smile:


Hey Savat, sorry for late reply, IIRC I believe you need to include textureCoords and/or smoothingGroups in your export.


…seems that my model have only ID channel saved on it but smoothing and other info are added by modifiers.
I will procure a xmesh with smoothing channel too for a new test.
At the moment, I’ve solved simply not using the vray “prepass” mode.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


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