Help to copy UV from one object to another with same polycount



I have 2 objects with same polycount. I need to copy UV from ‘sm_SOURCE’ object to ‘sm_DESTINATION’ object.
Can anyone help me to achieve this?

Here’s files with 2 objects: (741.4 KB)


> The Channel Info utility lets you view an object’s channels, give them meaningful names, delete unused channels, and copy information between channels.

Copy map channel (1) from source and paste it to dest. map chanel


thanks for the answer. but that doesn’t work, because these objects have different vertex order :confused:


Took a look at your file…
So you have 2 “exactly” same meshes - except internally completely different.

If I copy all channels from source to dest. and turn it to epoly you would get what you want?
Or not? If there is some skinning or animation or x data for destination mesh it would be lost…

What do you want to transfer (and why)? If it’s texture you can project it mesh->mesh…

  1. add Turn to Poly to your Source, this turns it into Poly like your Destination.

  2. Add Unwrap UVW to Source, open UV Editor, File >Save UVs>blah blah

  3. add Unwrap UVW to Destination, open UV Editor, File>Load UVs>blah blah


Did you check result in viewport, not just in editor?


Thanks for the reply guys! I wouldn’t ask if this issue is that easy.

With I managed to get correct order vertices. Now when I got it to work I thought that my problem gone. But that thoughts doesn’t makes me happy too long. Turns out that even if mesh is the same even in the “vertex order” part the UV can not be translated.

My goal is to have UV from 1 channel of SOURCE mesh in 2 channel of DESTINATION mesh. I have skinned SOURCE model and I want to use both UV channels of same mesh in different cases.

here’s same models but of different UV: (523.1 KB)