Help : shading problem


After some thorough search online, i decided to post here, hopefully i will get some help.
I finally switched from 3ds Max 2013 x64 to 3ds Max 2017 x64, my problem concerns one 3ds max file, the model doesn’t shade correctly as shown in the attached files, it is an editable poly that i started from scratch in 3ds max 2013 :

tried to :
- Use Max 2017 default scene lights + default materials.
- Use Max 2017 1 omni light ONLY.
- Switch standard, performance and HQ.
- Flipped the normals / reset smoothing groups to 0.
- Created a new scene and imported all file’s geometry.
- Worked on new model on Max 2017 just to be sure // works fine.

info :
- Windows 7 x64 SP1
- EVGA GTX 950 // Latest Driver as of now : 387.92.
- Pure 3ds max 2017 package, no plugins, no scripts. Default Nitrous view port.
- File made out of editable polys Only, “turn” & “triangulate” are OFF.

File geometry is correct, the polygons render just fine but they look broken and ugly in the view port, my other older files appear correctly.
So, what do you think ? 3ds max 2017 was worth it for me, huge performance boost regarding 2013, there seem to be a problem i cannot figure out with this file. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.