HELP! Render Queue & Stereoscopic Cameras


Hi all,

I’m hoping you can help or advise me as to why the following keeps happening.

I have 36 scenes that each contain a stereoscopic camera so naturally I thought the render queue would ease the burden of rendering them. However, when I queue them all up and click the “start rendering” option none of them render and all give the message “Error - Saving Image”. This doesn’t happen to me if I batch render scenes without stereoscopic cameras in them and I am able to render each stereoscopic scene individually.

I’m using C4D R13 on a top-of-the-range mac with all the latest hardware. Is this a known bug and if so is there a work around?



it’s a known bug.
Just turn off “Use Folder for Saving” in the Stereoscopic settings (render settings)

good luck with your renders


That worked a treat! Thanks so much.


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