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Hi, so i wanna tackle Sylvia, but i wanna know :

  1. how much i can mess her up. What i mean is can i design a new helmet? more puffy outfit? tech additions such as small radio, canisters with oxygen etc?

  2. Can i post more than 4 wips? If yes is there a limit to how much i can post?

  3. Really where do i post? I just make a reply to the WIPs topic with uploaded images? And the same goes for the final?

Sry for the last question but i created an account here 5 mins ago and i don’t really know how to navigate into CGSociety.

thanks :]


Good question.

1 . We will post a follow up for you shortly to help understand this a bit more today.

  1. Four is the min, posting more simply earns you heroic status as well as a pat on the back from the CGS team.
    Posting replies and feedback for others gives you godly status: and good karma:)

  2. WIP here:

    Finals here:


Can we make an entry for both the 3D and 2D categories?


One last thing. Can i render however i like? I never work with UV’s retopos etc. I have my own workflow via V-Ray. Is that ok?


I believe it is one final entry but that may be one per category so let me check for you this afternoon.

Render away!


Hi There !

It says 2D Final submissions must be fully rendered. What do you mean by fully rendered ? Can we just draw 2D model on which program we want or do we have to draw in a specific program ?


Fully rendered means taken to a final illustration or as close as you can getg not just a rough sketch


Confirming you may enter as many as you like in either category! Just make sure to include your 4 (min) WIPs - thanks!


Confirming you can upgrade the uniform as much as you like, as long as we can tell it’s roughly her size/shape/female and that she’s equipped for grappling - whatever that looks like to you. Thanks!


I am interested in doing a scene for the 2D category with either a BMX, glider or grappling hook, my question would be can I use some 3D to setup my scene and then paint over the rest in 2d?


Hi Danny, that’s perfectly fine - not a problem!


Hi guys, as far as i understand final image in 3d redesigns is only 1 beautyshot?


Can someone give a legit answer on how many renders consist the final submission for 3d characters?


I actually have a similar question to @Scifart_ but for 2D

My final design will be just a singular character standing in an environment but I’d like to present it with supporting articles like my model sheet containing the front and back of the design + prop call outs. Is this possible?


Hi Jeff, that’s perfectly fine. Thanks!


Hi, thanks for your patience. Just one rendered beautyshot is what we’re looking for - thank you!


the question is when there will be any announcement about winners…?
I am asking cause I dont see any dates anywhere…


Hi, we’re hoping to share the announcement by this Friday at the latest, Wednesday at the earliest. Thanks!