Help please - Super Mutant CG Replica Inspired by Fallout 3


Hello everybody =D I am kind of new here as you can see this is my first post. I have been lurking in the forums for quite a while and found it a great resource site and help. So, I decided to join :slight_smile:

I am currently playing Fallout 3 on my ps3 over the winter-winter break and for some reason I tend to find Super Mutants interesting monsters. They’re very humanoid-like but yet monstrish at the same time. I am trying to sharpen up my 3D modeling skills and I have decided to model a “Super Mutant” and use Fallout 3 as my inspiration. When I started (Which was 1 hour ago) I ran into many problems… and here they are

  1. I can’t find any good reference images for the super mutants and yes I want to make them look like exactly the way they are expect in uber full fledge cg graphics instead of the game’s engine.

Here is what I used

  1. Everytime I try to start shaping out the flat block parts, I can never get the shape right…I don’t know if its me or the lack of reference images.

  2. When I started modeling the neck-to-head part it became problematic because their neck is very short but it has a lot of detail…so it was hard for me to start…

Here is how I started

  1. I started with the torso…

  2. Aligned the Edges prior to the extursion of the shoulders/arms, waist/legs, neck/head

  3. Ended because everything after that became kaboom.

Here is a picture of the reference I used…again…

and this is how i tried to shape it out…

If anyone has Fallout 3 on PC and can use some cheats and print screen the Super Mutants in a better pose from the front/back/side I would be very grateful… I will try to get better reference tommorow with my 1080p camera but problem is my game is on the ps3 so I will have to the hard way lol…

Oh and also… Would Bethesda have a problem with me re-creating their game character in a CG format? It’s not for commercial use or anything…maybe as a portfolio thing or just a fun project thingy and helping myself to get better.

If anyone has any tips on how I should have started this or what I should change/do please tell me

my aim is - rageofwar2009 or just post here and PM me but i’d prefer a one-to-one conversation over a IM program as it makes things much faster and easier.

Anyway appriciate it all :slight_smile:

Happy New Year…


first of all it looks like you are trying to model way to fast. my suggestion is to model a single area at a time rather than trying to block out the whole model and refine, however some people do prefer to model that way.

i always start with the head and make my way down.

also it looks like you are adding too much geometry without manipulating it.

Also looks like you are modeling what you’re brain tells you it looks like. for instance you are thinking oh a head looks like this, but it doesnt, just like in drawing often people will not be looking at their reference eanough and draw what thier brain thinks a nose looks like but it turns out to be much different from the reference. so what you need to do is take it slow and really think about how it looks rather than quickly trying to block things in too fast.

also looking at other models wireframes helps out a ton! :D, either google wireframe images or look up a modeler you really like.


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