Help please: Re-aligning axis with World Co-ords



I’ve create a cylinder, rotated it in Y and modelled it into an arm. I now want to apply a symmetry modifier to it so i can use it for the opposite arm…

The problem i have is that because i’ve rotated it slightly before i started to model it, the objects axis has rotated too, so the symmetry doesn’t mirror the object horizontally, but at an angle…

I’ve looked in the Heirarchy tab to see if anything in there will sort it out, but i’m stumped…

I’m using 3DS MAX 5

Any help would be awesome…








Have you tried Hierarchy/Pivot-Adjust Pivot, pressed the Affect Pivot Only and then tried Reset Pivot, Align to Object, Align to world or tried to rotate it manually. You could also look into the Symmetry modifiers subobject “Mirror” to see if you can adjust the mirror manually. If none of these options work, then I probably don`t understand your problem correctly…

Good luck!



Use “reset X form” from the tools, or attach the mesh onto a box with a correct pivot delete the element box and you have your model back.
I often use the attach method for cleaning a “corrupt” mesh. E.g. if you mirror and objekt it in fact has flipped faces, but max displays them correct, but they aren’t. A gameengine, e.g. will show a flipped model.



yeah…that’s the first thing i headed to with no avail…i also tried fiddling around with the Symmetry subobject but i really needed it to be 100% accurate so i couldn’t get it right… :frowning:

thanks for you suggestions though… :wink:

awesome… :smiley:

i used the attach to box suggestion and it worked a treat…the problem i was having was that the axis looked normal until i applied the sym modifier to it…then it mirrored it at the weird angle…

thanks a LOT for your help guys…i’ve had problems with this for about 6 months now :smiley:



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