HELP: Photoshop CS 2 freezes constantly



I’m having a really weird freezing problem with my photoshop. It suddenly just freezes and the task manager shows it’s not responding. I’ve tried to wait for several minutes but it doesn’t help.

I’ve tried to search for error messages from windows event log but couldn’t find any. Does photoshop have some kind of error loggin system too?

My computer has 2GB of ram and xp 2600+ processor.


unfortunately, no.

suggestion: if PS always freezes for you, make sure that there isnt something conflicting on your system. check your task manager and do an ‘end task’ on all non-essential applications (itunes is a famous bu!!shit resource hog). try to trim down anything that isnt part of your workflow.

if photoshop keeps crashing, then it may be time to try a re-install. it really could be anything.


in fact it could very well be bad hardware…possibly ram, hard drive or even motherboard, as PS can stress machines way beyond what a lot of other programs inc 3d do.


Ok, freezing problem solved. It freezed because of a custom made brush. Pretty weird :slight_smile:


I have a coworker who has CS2 freezeing on two brand new PCs - one with 4 gigs a nice Dell workstation… the other a fairly new tablet PC - No custom brushes if anyone else can shed addtional light on CS2 just stopping please chim in.


my friend has just bought an amd 64 4000+ laptop with a gig of ram and that crashes CS2 as soon as it starts but CS works fine. I run CS2 on 2 computers and have never had a problem with it. Would be useful if anyone has any ideas.


I have posted in many times regarding this exact same problem. It is caused by complicated custom brushes. I will use the exact same brushes made in CS2 in CS1 and it doesnt crash! So I stopped using CS2 and got a refund since tech support or forums solve this problem. I have a brand spanking new G5 2.7 with 4 gigs of ram so its not that, plus the fact the exact same brushes work in CS1. I have set all the pref in CS2 correctly checked twice. I hope this exact same problem does not infect the next release of CS3.


Thanks but unfortunately not. This is a fresh install on a new computer and CS2 freezes as soon as you click a button!! Serious problem. Has been installed a few times but with the same effect. CS1 works fine! Any other ideas


Update the driver of your video card. Much has changed in CS2 in that specific area.


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