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Can someone please direct me to some painter tutorials??? I have seen some really cool work come out of it, but evertime i try using it i have NO control…i feel like im painting with house brushes!!! How do you actually gain a semblance of control with it and end up with something other than Monet??? I dont want it to look like photoshop, as i already know how to use that one…but i really want to be able to use Painter like real media and as to what ive seen it IS possible, but i dont know the tools so i dont know how to get it to look that way…if someone can help i would greatly appreciate it!!


Have Fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


got any more?


Go to Wacom they have a couple simple but good tuts there.


the first ones i saw…none of them really get into the use of the paint tools though.


Check out the 2d tutorials thread:
2d tutorials


i can not find any GOOD painter tutorials…i have found a few decent ones but none that i would say are really good!!

most of them are just how to take a photo and smear it to look like a painting…now is that really art???

i dont really want anything saying “how to paint a picture” I just really want something that says how to use the tools in the software…as it is a very foriegn and alien feeling program to me.

everytime ive attempted painting anything in it i feel like im painting with my feet…or like trying to paint fine detail with a 6 inch wide wall brush.

I just need to know the settings and how everything works, but i guess im gonna have to just feel it out myself.

thanx everyone for the links :slight_smile:


You’re going to have to wait about a month but this will probably be the best painter source you’ll see in a while. It’s suppose to be published this December. Hope that helps.



I have never seen a tutorial on Painter, there are probably many ways, but this is what I usually do:

  • I use a coloured background, in the atmosphere the piece will get.
  • I take the pencil tool and make the sketch. (Flipping it a couple of times along the way).
  • (Optional) Use the apply lighting button and make a background.
  • Take the markertool (felt marker), with the same color as the background and kick in the basic shadows. Oddly enough, the markertool will darken automatically. Very weird, but effective enough.

direction A - use the airbrush to make some adjustments and the sable tip brush for the details.

direction B - use the fine wash brushes to make a painting and than move to direction A

Painting hair: take a hairy brush set to BIG, paint fom dark to light and paint whole pieces of it instead of hair by hair.

General advise: work from the big parts to the small, and dont set your brushes too small, that’s just for detailing.


Damn, Jeroentje, that sounded just like an acrylic painting class just now :slight_smile: .


Yes, it does a bit, doesn’t it?
But Painter is basically a mix of aquarellics/markers (someone that can’t afford markers should get some aquarellics paint, the technique is 90% the same. In fact before the invention of markers, visulaizers used that) and “covering” paints like oil and acrylic. Therefore you can just use the same techniques.
It is just that on a monitor, you don’t have a paintstructure. So you can mix media you cannot mix in real painting.


Thanks Jeroentje! :beer:


killer post jeron!!! I appreciate that!


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