Help on Live Sectioning- batch processing script.


Hello Everyone,

I am an medical student with little knowledge of C++ & 0 knowledge of 3d softwares  :blush: . So experts & gurus please bear with me 

I need to know how to:-
convert STL file (or any other 3d format suited for this purpose) into a
series of cross-section images, as in the case of live-sectioning, using scripting/programming.

To better understand my needs, take a look at this image .
Let us assume a vector V, perpendicular to which is the sectioning plane we need.
“v_co-ordinate” is the z co-ordinate of tail of V vector, origin by default
“v_angle” is angle of V from xy plane, 90 degree by default
“v_magnitude” is the distance along V vector at which the section plane must be plotted/obtained/read

I need guidance for writing something like this-

	int split_3d_object(char *fileName, float v_magnitude, float v_co-ordinate=0, float v_angle=90)
	{	//fileName is name of source STL file
		 code to get a single cross section (in .jpg or any other format)
		 I can apply for loop, so don't bother with that :P
	 return 0;

More Details:-
The output image should look something like this .
but it is extremely important that user can define orientation of sectioning plane.

I researched a little more & learned ways to automate live sectioning in CATIA, but I need to
do it via script for implementation purposes.
I am open to any programming language & any 3d software for getting this done.


Someone please suggest some ideas or a different approach or anything.


Check out OpenSCAD, it should be able to do what you want.




Maybe You can do it in 3ds max and maxscript, for example with a use of slice or boolean?
Or simmilar tool in Maya, or any other software