Help on Illumination of Mosaic Tiles with VRay


I’m not a VRay guy, but I’ve had to complete a work started with Vray. “How hard can it be?” I still think, but I’m out of ideas. :roll_eyes:
The scene consists of 115 mosaic tiles, a camera looks at each tile as a 115 frame animation. Necessary lights would be linked to the camera.

I thought about using the setup to render all tiles at once with the same lighting and then repeat the animation while changing the material ids of tiles to repeat the rendering with another marble texture. There are 31 textures. Enough with the details.

I can’t reach an acceptable look with lighting.
I started with white color as GI source. Light becomes soft but sort of dirty smudgy look.
I created a light, two lights at two sides, 4 lights area lights, soft boxes…
Dirt Maps to achieve AO. Turned on some AO setting without achieving any noticable effect.
Tried HDRs.

I need to render these with Alpha Channel to have a nice blend in any background, that’s why I used Mtl Wrapper. (Sometimes with dirt)

There is also a semi transparent white net under each tile to hold the pieces together and it should be slightly visible

My problem is small grouts should be dark, and there has to be a thin black AO type shadow countour close to edges while having a soft shadow . May be the marble colours should affect the colors of the shodows through irradiance.

But I only have washed out dirty greys. On some setting I achieved dark grouts but large middle portions of tiles on frame 11 became a dirty grey. Scene created with 3dsmax 2020 Vray 4.20



Finally only scene in Max2018 Format.

Feel free to download and use the maps or drawings. Maps are h=1920 resolution and opposite sides are continuous. If you find them useful PM me to get even higher resolution ones.


Any help with the dirty grey look? How do I increase the GI reflection of stone colors on the matte shadow material? Should I change my GI mode or change settings of the GI engine? Or the settings of the matte shadow material?