Help on achieving modern 3D-animation movies' look


Hello everyone,
I’ve tried to achieve modern day 3D animation textures and color grading but, my characters and (most importantly) my environment doesn’t come out looking BRIGHT, VIBRANT, AND COLORFUL like others’. Rather it comes out looking like a bad attempt at creating realistic textures.
Below is an example of my edited renders VS how I would want it to look. I know I’m nowhere close to comparing my work with frozen but, just for people to get what I’m driving at.

I need help in detecting where the secret is. Is it in texturing, rendering or post-production.

Thanks in advance


i think that good look is caused by profesional character design… also look to your skies - its overburn - no color information on left side, one color on right side… also they use subsurface scattering for skin, eyes and maybe also for hair, there is also fur on clothes


Thanks for your response. I’m more interested in how their environment tends to look BRIGHT and colourful
Like something like this


you can try this:


Thanks… I’d check it out when I can afford it