Help - New Version of Zbrush, subtools are displaying with red material (not the red wax)



I’ve been working in old version of ZBrush for a while, but finally downloaded a trial of the newest version. When I opened my tool i’ve been working on, the subtool materials are all messed up. A bunch of them are in this red material (but it’s not the red wax mat cap that usually comes up). A couple of them are grey and shiny. I can’t change it. I try turning on the M Channel and hitting Color>fill object and nothing happens. Even if I try to fill with a solid color, it doesn’t change. It seems to be a material issue, because the polypaint and texture map look normal (except the polypaint is tinted red in the document window.) Someone on anther forum suggested I have poly group view turned on but not wireframes. Is that possible? How do I turn it off?

Anyone know what’s up?