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Hi friends,
I am having a problem with a model that i am using for my demo reel. Maybe this issue is not supposed to be discussed here in this forum but i could think of no other place to find help. My modeller keeps modelling a female character which should actually be cartoony but when he passes it to my rigger/animator he keeps on taking out a lot of mistakes saying that the character has no characteristics, the edge flow has problem, the lips have bcum realistic etc. Now my issue is that my modeler has always modeled realistic characters & his characters have never been rigged or animated so he is having a problem understanding whats wrong with the model & I am a VFX artist but i know little about the technical details abt modelling. Since my animator keeps taking out mistakes we have to remodel the character always which consumes a lot of time. I am adding sum images of the model please give me comments on how to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.


The rigger should sit down with the modeler and tell him what’s wrong with the topology?


Thanks for the reply. Can u also guide me on what things should my modeller keep in mind while creating a toony character.


For one thing the proportions and silhouette of the character needs to be quite different from regular humans, unless you have a specific style in mind that has semi realistic proportions. But exageration of proportions is a lot more interesting for cartoony style. Like this guy here

Some examples of topology:

As you’ll see most of the body’s topology is quite simple, the only region with more complex definition is the chest. It gets a lot more complex with the face…cartoony characters usually have over the top expressions and need proper topology to deform well.


Thanks a lot Psyko for all that information. Hope to get in touch very soon with some more questions… Thanks again


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