Help needed: Boolean Subtract Tool for NURBS


Hi all, this is my first post here.

I am a newbie in CG, so please tolerate my ignorance.

I was doing the watch tutorial from Luc Petitot’s Maya Ultimate Workshop. Everything goes well until I reached the part where I was required to use boolean subtract tools to drill holes in some trimmed oval plates and carve out a portion of the strap (multi-patched, trimmed). I kept getting the message:

// Error: boolean11 (Boolean Node): NURBS shell subtract failed. //
// Error: explodeNurbsShell11 (Explode Nurbs Shell Node): Not a valid NURBS shell. //

But I thought I followed the instructions to the words, what’s wrong? please help


I would suggest posting in a different format because you being
a new member people may not be willing to take the risk of
downloading .rar or .zip files as they can be modified to contain

Perhaps posting a .mb file would solicit a better responce?


those straps for the watch…they are still components…thats why you get the invalid nurbs object warning on the boolean

why does he have you build with birails when you couldve lofted the straps?

i tried delteing history and rebuilding it but i can get it to do anything because those straps are still components…

maybe someone else can help…like deathbrain…“help”

im wondering myself now…incase i run into this

edit: no theyre not components…you have them layer coloured like that…i dunno what to do…lol


First of all, thanks to wgreenlee1 & blue magic for the replies. I am much encouraged. I uploaded the .mb file, as wgreenlee1 suggested.

and yes, the objects in the layers are colored rather strangely, for I fear that I wouldn’t remember which one is in which lol, so please be aware.


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