HELP MEL: how to i edit the time range in this script


for this baking key , i need to change the time range from 1-100 to let it follow my time slider value.

//baking key

bakeResults -simulation true -t “1:100” -sampleBy 1 -oversamplingRate 1 -disableImplicitControl true -preserveOutsideKeys true -sparseAnimCurveBake false -removeBakedAttributeFromLayer false -removeBakedAnimFromLayer false -bakeOnOverrideLayer false -minimizeRotation true -controlPoints false -shape true {“object_mesh”};

how do i do it?


i found the answer anyway thanks for reading.

float $minTime = playbackOptions -q -minTime;
float $maxTime = playbackOptions -q -maxTime;

-t ($minTime+":"+$maxTime)