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Hello All.

Sorry, if I not in that topic.
You could not give me any advice as it is possible to learn so to draw. Now I work web as the designer, but up to such masterpieces me is still far, at myself in Russia to find school where would learn to draw in such styles I cannot find, help advice, I very much wish to be improved.

Best Regards & Sorry for language : ) | Anton.





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Hi, Antony. :wavey:

It’s hard to show somebody how to draw better without first seeing how you draw now. My advice is go here and start a new thread. Post a sketch that you’ve done that you want to work on. Other people on this site will look and offer advice. It’s that simple! BTW, it’s always a good idea to mention if there’s something specific you want to focus on (anatomy, color, composition).

Hope that helps, and welcome to CGTalk!


Yep, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your thread. And a hearty welcome too.:wavey:


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