help me with story


hello members
i want to animate a good comedy theme, can somebody help with short scripts/stories, i can model, textre, animate and fx too, but struggling with concept, i need help


Do you have ANYTHING in mind?

I can write stuff, and I think I’m pretty funny, but it’s your project, so tell me all you can…


OH, by pretty funny, I lied, just look at my sig…

I’ll try REALLY hard to be funny, how about that?:thumbsup:


Sorry to post AGAIN, but just re-read your post, is all you want is some script writer(s)?

I can do that, I write all the time…

I just can’t model, draw, texture, light, render, etc…

Sounds like we’d work pretty well together…

My witty humor, your amazing skillz, we’re sure to win the World Series…(<note witty humor usage here).


hey unlevel
go ahead, and think something witty for 20sec or 30sec scripts and let me know bout it


Do you have any characters in mind?
Any special setting?
Anything in particular that you would want them to discuss/argue?

Come on, I’m sure there’s some sort of something you’ve been thinking about…


Ok, I’ve got 2 ideas for 2 different short animations in my head right now, they all were inspired by the thread “do you model in your sleep”, so they all involve the character dreaming…also both involve characters at hospitals, though I don’t know why:

  1. “Kirt at Work” involves the mod of cgtalk, Kirt, as he takes the personna of his avatar at hospital, as he tries to escape…(we’d have to get the permission of kirt, of course, but this one is the funniest of the two) This one is soo funny, and involves kung fu, so it would take a while to describe it…Just image that plump baby that’s kirt’s avatar doin kung fu, and having a huge battle with one of the nurses…the surprise is when he wakes up, I’ll post the full story of this one later…

  2. Boy character wakes up to find himself in hospital with concussions, and broken bones. Just so happens (he’s dreaming, though no one knows it yet) there’s a wacom tablet by his bedside…(this animation involves some eye candy) He does a wireframe of his body (you’d have to write part of the script as I’m not a modeler) and proceeds to “fix” (model, repair, etc…) his broken bones, then proceeds to “touch up” his gashes and bruises…This takes a while, adn now that he’s better, he’s busy fixin his torn clothes, when he suddenly hears a nurse coming (sounds like ms. evil aka butch) this huge nurse walks in, very “masculine” and he proceeds to “fix” her…fade out to end of story, you see him, with sexy nurse by his side, and he gives you (camera) thumbs up…wakes up, to ms. butch smiling with some sort of pliers or something painful looking…end scene with boy looking at ms. butch scared, and ms. butch turns to the camera and gives you (camera) thumbs up.

ok, I admit that BOTH of these are really rough, but you didn’t give me anything to go on.
Also, one reason they are so roughed out is that I thought of them in the shower, so I haven’t had time to properly write it all up…

also, is there any characters that you’d like to see? you’ve given me NOTHING to go on, so these 2 aren’t all that funny…


:surprised Somehow I never imagined that fat baby doing anything but asking for another beer and the remote for the TV.

But, if you want to make a chubby Kung Fu fighting baby go right ahead. I don’t think I have any rights to the character because I painted over a picture found on the internet.

As I mentioned earlier, I do have a complete storyboard for a humorous sci-fi short. Although, I was taking a look at the drawings today and I forgot that they were all done in blue lead pencil. They’re impossible to see even after some manipulation in photoshop. Also, I’m not completely satisfied with the alien’s design.

So … I’m redoing them. I’ll post as I go along with new concepts and storyboard panels in a new thread. But, don’t expect anything real soon because I have 3 WIPs already started for this month (see signature for two and 2D challenges for the third).

The story is sort of MIB’ish and revolves around 2 juvenile delinquent aliens and a border patrol agent (by border I mean “Earth”). The aliens cause a lot of havoc (i.e. cattle mutilation, crop circles, RV abduction, etc.) and the agent tries several times to arrest the hooligans.

There should be enough challenging things in the short for 3D guys (which is one of the reasons I haven’t started on it yet). There’s a runny nose scene, several effects shots with UFO lighting and rocket blasts, a liquid substance shot and it all takes place outdoors (trees, rocks, grass, etc. with wind dynamics).

I think it will run around 3-4 minutes. Depends on what I add/remove when I re-do the storyboards.

So … for now, find something to keep you busy and I’ll refine the designs and boards when I can. When I’m done, you should be good to go with the 3D – I would think (I’m really anal about getting it all right the first time). :smiley:


thanx a lot for the effort unlevel & kirt
sorry i cldnt reply,busy with the work

kirt as soon as the concepts ready, we can start the 3dpart of it.and i’m ready for it

unlevel i’ll give some ideas,tmrw,and based on that u suggest any number of concepts, i dont mind,
once again thanx for the effort
unlevel wat happened to mascot?


We’ve got a tie right now, and there’s no clear winner as of yet…

When do you guys think we should end the poll for the mascot and start to work?


mmmkay… might as well throw my two cents in here. Been thinking about doing this, let me know what you think.

Setting: Doctor’s office.

Mother walks in.

Mother: “Doctor, my child seems to be having severe headaches!”

Doctor: “Well, let me see the boy.”

Boy enters. There’s a large spear sticking out of his back.

Doctor looks the boy over intensely, doesn’t even glance at the spear.

Doctor: "Hmmm… take two of these, call me next month.

(a beat)

Doctor: “That’ll be seventy-five dollars.”

The end.

Funny? No? yes? hmmm… needs work.



no, yes, needs work…

So…looks like mr. thread starter will get his pic of stories to animate…

Lucky guy!


hello guys,
i’m back with ideas, i feel there should be less dialogues and more of expression and action.
some of the ideas i’ve got are here

  1. obese kungfu warrior into disco get enlightened at kungfu yoga camp, where head guru is wise but insane
    3.animated taling star constellations in the night sky
  2. ghost pet dog show
    these are just some concepts i’ve in mind
    and i’ve some characet designs too, where based on those ,some stories can be developed ,which i’ll discuss later( may be i can use it for mascot)watya say unlevel?
    guys wat u think?


Originally posted by dynafx

4. ghost pet dog show



Hey, it’s fine with me, as the poll was, in my opinion a failure, I’m open to any suggestions, but I’m not the one making the decisions around here…

It’s fine with me whatever you do dynafx.


I’ve got ideas. You wanna work on em with me?
let me know and I’ll show you the way



who? what? where?

Who ya talkin to, Flog?

And dynamfx, it looks like you’ve got your pick to stories to work on.


Hey flog, thanx for the invitation, i’ve mailed u regarding that
and i’d like to do any project( sensible and good) with anyone, and u can include me in your team

Hey unlevel, as said earlier, i can give life to models thru animation but when comes to stories i need help, thatz y i joined with u pals to do some good projects, where everyone can be benefitted.


Well, depedning on the mascot, we could make a storyline/history with it, and maybe even some animations.

Ya know, it looks like it’s just you, me, and Flog down here.

So what do you want to do for a mascot?

Maybe “Team cgtalk” ? eheheh


a mascot, hmmm, gonna have to thing of that one, has to be sensible but cool

Dynafx, are you more into modelling or animation?

Whats your strength in most?