Help me with my render image


Im Using Vray 3.6, Maya 2018.5 and trying to render out a good looking still image.

Please find the images and snapshots attached and give me tips to get rid of the noise and make the artwork look better


hello there?




looks liked you messed up a bunch of settings, try to render the scene again with the default settings or use one of Vray’s preset from the menu bar, maybe the interior preset would be a good start for this kind of scene also read the rendering documentation and find a good tutorial to follow, also you should post your question on the proper Vray forum or the Autodesk official forum, that is always the best option.


Oh okay thanks for the input yeah ill do what you said, but can u help me from your side until i post this on other forums?


Yes, absolutely but first start with fresh settings and reading the Docs about progressive rendering and bucket rendering .


I read about the comparison.
From what I understood, progressive is just a reference render for lighting and scene composition
bucket is used for the final render


for my Scene Any modification for the render settings is recommended to change ?


I have an issue where i can’t render in batch mode, any idea of how to solve it ?


Change nothing use the standard and show us whats happening.