Help me with my Blender based survey for my Final Thesis


Greetings Blender users. As part of my final thesis I have to create a survey.

The questions in the survey are partially taken from 2010 Great Blender Survey, so that the new results can be compared with the old ones. There are also new questions added in for better comparison of Blender and commercial applications.

I would be very grateful if you could spare 10 minutes of your time to fill out the survey.


I’m curious, what are you using these for? Also, I will admit I was a little surprised at the lack of any sort of Cycles/BI-specific questions. But whatever.


I’m using this for a final thesis on my university. It’s more related to how people percieve Blender and other open source programs compared to commercial ones.

If there are any questions that should be added feel free to say so.

I’m a bit troubled that the response to the survey was so low, I’m trying to get it going on other forums too.