Help me to build Workstation


I want to build a high end workstation for 3D. My main use and purpose is for
Zbrush Sculpting with many polys
Mari Texturing with highest performance and to handle UDIMS and huge texture maps
Maya for modeling and Arnold for rendering. I am looking for GPU rendering

So i want to build something that will handle all of this, without fuss, delay or anything. Want a workstation that will be breeze to work.
My Budget is USD 25.000 to 35.000
If i am going to build this beast, i don’t want to save money.
Just i have no idea what i need.


If you intend to spend so much money for a single WS oriented towards gpu rendering, then, there is no room for compromises.
I would start with this setup as a base PCPartPicker part list. 5800$
I would add 3 of these monitors for around 3300$ (we’ve reached 10K$ by now)
and add as many RTX 6000 24gb as I could, probably 2-3 for starters. Grand total ~23-30K$ accordingly (with 2 or 3 gpus).
PS If you’re just trolling, then no worries. Dreams are for free… :grinning:


Well, mostly I agree with FatherN
But I have some issues to correct.
The first one is cooling for CPU, NZXT Kraken x72 has the same efficiency as the x62 one but costs more.
The second one is the motherboard. Rampage Extreme is good, but it is total overprice for RGB backlight and other non-functional features. I’d suggest a WS series motherboards by ASUS.


As you can see the TS has disappeared. This is probably a trolling thread (no offence here). If I was to spend so much money now for gpu rendering, I would probably take advantage of the new Nvlink feature, with which 2 gpus are seen as one and their Vram is added, so it’s in fact doubled.
As for the parts you mentioned, yeah, I agree. I just mentioned the parts I would personally pick for a build like that (I have my reasons, but no need to elaborate more on that, especially in a thread like this). With a 30K$ budget, you can’t be wrong whatever you pick, If you know what I mean.


Maybe, you’re right. Anyway, even if this is a trolling thread, we left our suggestions here. If this was not trilling, then author will pick whatever he wants with that big budget.