Help me model a Rubber Duck


Hi guys im still struggling to get my head around hypernurbs so if anyones got ten mins to help id really apriciate it :thumbsup:

Im trying to do this duck but when i try to add the wing it deforms the body too much and don’t even get me started on trying to grow the head from the upper body…i spent about half an hour but not had much luck i must be missing a good few fundermentals here.

So if you guys could show me how you go about doing this i think it would be a great mini tutorial fo us Noobs…please teach me the ways of your work flow and help me get off the bottom rung of the Hypernurb ladder.


have a look at weswares freebie in extras on his site…and might give you some ideas.

if not…then extrude is your friend i guess in this case…dunno…maybe highlight side polys and extrude slightly…then move points into place/shape of wing.


I’m still pretty new too 3d myself. I found the Bel Air Tutorial to be very helpful with hypernurbs. And as Flingster said, do a very small extrude first to “pin” the shape of the body, and then do your larger extrude to form the wing. This effect is done repeatedly in the Bel Air tutorial.


Thanks for the replys guys…indeed the Chevy Tutorial is very good and im about 1/4 of the way through it but the ink in my printer ran out and as im working on a 12" ibook it’s quite hard to flip between the 2…so i decided to model some stuff in my house to get abetter understanding…a thought a duck would be fun and a good hypernurb subject.

I should have taken reference shots and worked on top but a friend has my Digi camera so i’m doing it by eye.

The second time around it has been easier but still not sure how to go up and make the head…i guess ill just experiment for abit…would you guys model the beak and the square box logo at the front seperatly or from the same hypernurb?

Thanks again :thumbsup:


Ok…heres my latest effort…ive added the details with seperate hypernurb objects as im still not confident doing stuff like this from a single piece…but it was a good learning excercise…didn’t take too long but still not too happy with my understanding…but each day it seems to get alittle easier :thumbsup:


FINISHED…got ther in the end…what do think?

Id love to see other Noobs efforts. :bounce:


thats a good result bud…well done…now move on to the next thing…quick…keep that momentum…and keep hammering away…good luck.

(crit: you’ve got a patch at the back towards the tail on the final render…maybe check normals in that area…otherwise dunno what it is…seems a bit strange unless its lighting or spec channel…)


Cheers flingster…thats a reflection, probably the head.

Need to maintain this momentum only 4 days left till im back at work…my next project might be my braun Shaver but it has a very tricky cross section and not sure i can handle it…might need some more help tomorrow…if so i’ll keep it to this thred :thumbsup:


typical…i mentioned everything else!!! heh heh.

hey bud…just try…then try again…no one cares if you make mistakes or anything…everyone does it…you just gotta get the practice in…try different approaches for the same object, can also help you look at objects and how to model them.


Just finished afew more bits…i want to model my whole remote control car but the lack of a digi camera at the moment means id be wasting my time…I think ill do a Grand Marnier bottle next :applause:


If anyones reading this…i wonder if theres an easy way to add the kneck detail on this bottle…there are two ridges that surround a wax stamp and i want to model them properly. But to get the shape of the bottle i’ve lathed a spline and made it editable…now do i need mesh surgery to add this sort of detail???


so you got the bug then…ripper on a roll.

post a wire…MS is cool and well worth the money comes highly recommended personally…but there is very often other ways of doing things. what exactly is it you want to add to the top?
you might be able to do it with a bump/displacement map? dunno…post a pic/ref also of what you’re on about.


Hey Flingster…yeah put my head down today…im really trying to get into Cinema while ive got some time off, and it is starting to come together…bit by bit. I don’t really need to learn animation yet which makes things alot easier.

So basically the kneck of the bottle has moulded details which ive cheated by just adding the shapes on top of the bottle…but i guess the proper way is to actually model it out of the bottle…but im still not sure how you do this…this adding extra detail to meshes is still way above my capabilities for now…but i guess when i learn that i’ll almost be where i want to be.


are now i know what wax bit you mean…jeez thats a toughie…i would probably say displacement…or maybe something like dpacks projection thing…eg model it first then project it onto the seal part…nah thats rubbish suggestion. displacement i better.
have you got a bottle of it for reference?


Yeah ive got a bottle next to me…empty :shrug: im gonna do the wax stamp as a seperate hypernurb but the suroundind glass bevel i want’ed to do as a proper deformed mesh out of the bottle…but tried to do it with a bump and Displacement (but i couldn’t move them around with the texture alignment tools??? what gives with that). I don’t think i’ve ever got a displacement map to work…i probably should go back to the manuals…i might skim through the main manual in the morning. Back to the grind stone tommorow. :banghead:


i was referring to the wax stamp part when i was saying displacement btw.



Ok finished. I had to cheat the texture on the top label as i couldn’t get the label off the top and theres no ref on the web…also the main label graphic is from google so pretty crap also…im soaking the bottle now but these labels just don’t want to budge…the High res render looks pretty good to me. :applause:

I think ill enjoy the sun for abit now…and think of my next project.


well done bud…:applause:


Just finished my coffee jug…wow…cinema’s renderer makes everything look da B0ll0x…i think it could even make a turd shine. :applause:

I think my last item i’ll do is an accurate copy of my electric shaver spread over the next 2 days…wish me luck.


youre turning into a walking modelling phenomena!!
keep going bud…model it…model it all…MMWAAhahahahahaahahaha

btw…nice coffee maker.