Help me find a solution!


Hey everybody, I need your guys help!

How can I make those “waves” on my can?

I tried with BEVEL but it looks so hard in the middle, and that’s not what I want.
It have to be something soft, but with “3 sides”, something like this “~” (but vertically hehe) and not like this ] or this )… I know it seems hard to understand but that’s the only way I found to explain haha


Here’s one way:

Make a cylinder with one segment and enough sides so it is smooth (I used 48).


Then add use Edge Slice to add four edges.


Then use Edge Bevel with a rounding level of two to bevel the four new edges.


Next, select the four center loops. Turn on the Local Action Center (important!) Then turn on a Soft Selection falloff (if you're using modo 601), adjust the falloff, and use the scale tool to scale inwards. You can adjust the falloff as you scale. 


Here's the final result. 


Hope that helped!


Thanks for the answer, it was very usefull!
But I need more help, It’s one of my first works on MODO and I’m having some problems when I’m going to use the Scale Tool.

I’ve turned on the Local Action Center and the Soft Selection Fallof, till here everything ok… but when I’m going to use the Scale Tool, it selects all the cylinder, not just the bevel part that matters.



I think the soft selection radius is set too high. You don’t have to use the number I showed on my screenshot. Adjust the soft selection radius until the falloff looks like it does on my screenshot, where the brown part just touches the edge of the part you want scaled in. You can adjust the falloff while the scale tool is active.


I don’t know what am I doing wrong, but is getting too round, and that’s not what I want…
In the example that you sent, the middle of the “wave” is too hard, a little bit differently of the product. This photo that I sent doesn’t help very much to see this, but with the product in hands it’s clear this… I’ll keep trying here.
And If I take photos and try to “vectorize” this on MODO, do you think that will be easier?

Thanks again bro.


Is this closer to what you’re looking for?

I tried again with more segments in the groove area (10 this time). I also selected the center ring of polygons in the groove instead of one edge so it shouldn’t be so sharp.


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