Help me choose a school (please)


Hello and Happy New Year,
I dont know who else to ask so please drop a few lines, it will be helpful…
here are the schools I have to choose from:

-Centre for Arts and Technology-
program: 3D Game Animation
Degree: Diploma

-University of Advancing Technology-
program: Digital Animation
Degree: BA

-Academy of Art University-
program: Animation - 3D Modeling
Degree: BFA

-Anglia Ruskin University-
program: Computer Games and Visual Effects
Degree: BSc

-Swansea Institute of Higher Education-
program: 3D Computer Animation
Degree: BA/BSc

-Adam Smith College-
program: 3D Design
Degree: HND

I would love to see some words about any of these schools.
Thank you !!!


Please tell me something…anything…about the schools listed above…

I saw that one or two of these are alredy discussed.

And one more thing…USA/CANADA vs EU ?


It depends on what you want to do and what industry (gaming, movie, television) you want to go into. Personally I’d advise to stay away from a diploma program and get a bachelors in something so you at least have that to fall back on.


Link -> read the section Links to threads on CG Talk about CG education in general


Hi there,

I know the animation courses at Swansea Institute very well. I’ve worked with the lecturers, students and graduates in the School of Digital Media which offers degrees in 3D Computer Animation, Creative Computer Games Design, Multimedia and Interactive Digital Media.

Twice last year 3D World magazine voted them one of the best Schools for animation in the UK. The courses in Swansea are well known throughout the industry and they have been created with industry input. I’ve spoken to lots of graduates who have jobs through out the industry with companies like Moving Picture Company, Double Negative, The Mill, EA Games, BBC etc. All of the BSc graduates from the 3D Computer animation course were snapped up by the Moving Picture Company, two months before they actually finished their course.

The School of Digital Media also organise the five-day International SAND (Swansea Animation Days) conference. It takes place every November and last year speakers included Pixar, DreamWorks, Rhythm and Hughes, EA Games, Moving Picture Company, The Mill
and the list goes on. It’s a great networking opportunity for students. You can get more info on SAND at

The School have set up a You Tube site where they’ve uploaded some graduate project work

If you need anymore info, just let me know. I can send some stuff through the mail.


@ jpiette : Well I want to do Modeling/Texturing/Lighting (3D (Game) Modeler). Im listed the programs that I liked, but it is very difficult to choose.

@ Kirt : I already checked most (if not all) the threads in the forum about education, and of course there is useful information :wink:

What about some comparison?

For me to study in EU will be less expensive becouse I am from EU, but the quality of this kind of education in US/Canada is better i think, is that right?


I am surprised bournemouth university was not on your list, i see good work coming out of it.

And it is voted the best in the UK too.

Also, it is a lot cheaper to study in the EU since you are from EU. deciding to go to US or Canada can be a very expensive move.


May I ask why you are limited to only those schools?


SwanMetUni here is my e-mail:

There was long xls file (with at least 50 institutions) and honestly I dont know why I removed bournemouth university, I will check it again.
Also becouse I will depend on some loan I removed the expensive ones, so thats why Im “limited” to these schools. Of course you can advise me about some other school, it will be helpful!


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