Help me brain what seems simple with fields :)


Hey guys

So I’m making a simple animation where I have a ball object move through a little cloud of mograph objects and what I want to have happen is it eats them as it moves around in the cloud. So I have a plain effector on the ball with a spherical field with the plain effect scaling the clones down to -1 as it comes into contact. It would be great if I could freeze or kill the clones after the field scales them down. This seems like there is an easy solution I’m just not seeing. I’ve attached a simple scene, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!SimplePacMan.c4d (203.0 KB)


You need a residual trail, which you can accomplish with the fields modifier objects (Third tab in the Fields list/Or the one that says 'Clamp".
In there you’ll find decay and delay. One of those ought to work.
Keep a freeze modifier in place for your first frame too. Or you’ll find your results get stuck.
Also there’s no time variable for those modifiers, not a frame by frame basis anyway. It’s % based. (63.7 KB)


I think this is kinda what you’re after.
You’ll need to futz with it to get them gone completely (37.0 KB)


Yours is so much more complex :). That first ball rolling along the plane and deforming it is super cool, btw. Trying to apply what you did in your 2nd sample to my simple scene. Brb :slight_smile:


Decay seems to be the magic bullet for that, seems to work whether I use Freeze or not. Thanks a ton for the help, Priest. Clearly just scratching the surface of what fields can do. So much to learn…always.