help me and yourself get a free ipod


I am not spamming or being stupid, im an active member of cg talk, and i do cg animation as a hobby. I go on cgtalk everyday and read posts. THis is jsut to make conversation.

Go to and sign up. You can get a free ipod by going to this site, and completing an offer such as an aol trial or a registration for ebay. It can be free. Then you need to get 5 other poeple to do the same. That is what I am doing right now. If you don’t believe me, go to and read all teh info there. But please sign up through the link i posted. is listed with bbb so it isn’t scam.


Scam!!! :scream:


Another one…


Delete these bs threads…CLEANUP in isle General!


Ok, this is definetly not scam. I am a real person with no affiliation with the company. Got o if you dont believe me. They have pictures of the process.


“omg Lol Hay Guyz Sign Up Your Personol 411 Rihgt Now Wich Will Not Be Sold For Thosands Of Dollers To Advertisers And Poeple Who Run Spam Email Lists”


CAN being the dominant word.


Oh well they got pictures, then its got to be okay. :rolleyes:

SCAM!!! :scream:


I tell you what. Go make few thousand email accounts in yahoo, and hotmail and register with those. Take all their free Ipods and sell them. You’ll be a billionaire in a jiffy!


how about u guys actually look into it beofre you start to yell about it.


we are not yelling, we are having fun. :thumbsup:


Any more people posting these threads about this stupid iPod thing will be banned instantly.