!!Help!! Make an Expression start on a keyframe !!Help!!


Hi there again,

after i have solved the first problem i had (also posted here…), i encountered the second: i need to know, how i can get an expression for a layer-property to start on a keyframe and not at the start of the layer… everytime i add my expression to the layer-property (here: scale), it starts right at the start of the layer, but i want to start it at an specific point…

any ideas?

thank you…



Type this as an expression :

if(time < this.keyTime(1)) {
} else {
your expression

I don’t know if that will work, I’ve just reinstalled my comp but didn’t reinstall after effects for now :wink:


You could pre-compse it into a new comp and then place the begining of the comp whre you want it to begin or duplicate the layer onne with the expression and one without and then just end the first layer at the frame you want it to start and then start the second layer at the the same fram


Make a slider, mutiply your espressions by the slider. Animate the slider from 0 to 1 (or beyond) when you want your expression’s effect to increase. Best thing about doing it this way is that you can animate your expression in and out with full use of the motion graph, and can multiply the effect to be stronger or weaker easily.


just split your clip where you would like the expression to start (apple+shift+D) and then apply the expression to the split section you want to effect.


yapp, the method, lowki pointed out, worked for me, thank you all…



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