Help!! lost a file in modeler,,any way to recover????


please if anyone knows the inner workings of file systems I just had a system crash while saving a huge model i’ve been working on :sad: :sad: …is there any way to recover it,the file now does not show as an empty file…it still shows as having data…it loads partialy but then get the message error loading object…and then nothing …any one know anything please help please


Have a look for a copy of the file in: Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\lwhub

And make sure you use Incremental Save. That baby’s a real time saver and will save your neck in cases like these.




if your hub was set to do a auto save you should have a backup in the hub temp dir
something like “C:\Documents and Settings\essencedesign\Local Settings\Temp\lwhub”

if you have not got save turn on your stuffed sorry :sad:


ok, I’ll check that


There may be a version of your object saved (could even be the latest) in the lwhub directory (as long as you have not disabled the hub). On my machine it is loacted at:

c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\lwhub

Do a search for lwhub if yours is in a different location. If it is not there, or is a too older version then maybe someone will know if a corrupted lwo can be repaired somehow.

EDIT: I see have been beaten to the post. :slight_smile:


I cant seem to find the Hub Temp…I did a system restore so if anything was in there it was lost…I’m definatly not a techie…is there any way to repare a corupted file of am i SOL


So I guess I am trying to repair a corrupted file…any one know if this is possible


try and get advice from newtek maybe.???


Sorry to be the one to tell you this but you are screwed.

There is no way to repair or recover a corrupted file.


OK well thanks for the final word…i really new it but didn’t want to admit…if you want to see the model i lost look here…

Hhaha…I think I’m gonna get drunk now…:shrug:


Make sure you save copies in the future. I guess you realise that now. I save an incremented version of my models quite often and especially after any half significant change.


I have always found the crash on save feature quite entertaining. It gets the adrenaline going when you hit the s key to save as you hold your breath for that brief second waiting to see if the work you were just doing is lost.

Generally when I open a project, before doing anything, I save with a new incremental name. That way if I get hosed, the last good version is still there.

Save often and make sure you add increments to it frequently mode001, mode 002 mode003 etc.

If you get hosed, then it is only the last bit of work you did. Even that can be frustrating though if you were kicking serious ass on a model, and did some killer detail work in the 15 minutes since you last saved and then have it disappear in a blink, but at least you don’t have to start over from scratch.


HAHAH…thanks for the words guys…I found a copy of the file from justa few days ago backed up in my LWHUB dir.,it was a hidden dir. that’s why i coulden’t find it before i guess…anyways time to dance a jigg:scream:


yay [high five]


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