HELP! I can't see anything in my viewport, just grey!


HELP! So I was working on a scene in orthographic view (4 viewports) and went to press the hotkey to go back to perspective mode. I must have pressed a wrong key because I half forgot what the key was and then tried a couple combinations which unfortunately resulted in one of them making all my viewports go to just a light grey (same color as normal bg but with no grid or anything). I ended up switching back to perspective mode through the camera drop-down, but the viewport remained grey. I cant say anything in the scene, but it is still all listed and selectable on the side and when I render in the viewport it renders fine. I shut down C4D and opened a different file and still saw only grey in the viewport, I also shut down the computer and restarted. What did I do to cause the viewport to go to grey and be unable to see the objects in any view and more importantly how do I fix it? I am running C4D Broadcast R12 on a mac pro and up to this point it gave me absolutely no problems.


Hi, maybe you are filtering off all the options from the view…go in the Filter menu of the view and check the “all” option to get them back.

hope this helps


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